Welcome to Eaglecarver.  If you got here by going to Shadygrovecemetery.com then feel free to click on Shady Grove Cemetery on the menu above and go straight to the Shady Grove portion of this website, but feel free to look around my gallery if you have time.  I am in the process of creating this website so please bear with me as things change almost daily.  This is the new home page that is in progress.  Although there is nothing meaningful to see on this page just yet, you can select from the menu above to go to my gallery of products, learn about my work in general or send an email via the contact page.  You even have an option to visit Shady Grove Cemetery where I am the care taker.  I plan to expand the Shady Grove selection greatly as I have time to make it a meeting place for those doing genealogy research at the cemetery on family lines that are buried there.  Hopefully my research on the cemetery will soon culminate into the publication of "The History of Shady Grove Cemetery" which is expected to be approx 200-300 pages. If you have anything that you think needs to be in this publication, please talk with me as soon as possible.  I want to get as many old pictures as possible but there is a limit where it becomes necessary to go on without it.  I have put it off for several years, each year realizing how much more research I have this year as compared to last, but at some point I realize that I will have to publish it NOW or it will never get done.