Welcome to Shady Grove Cemetery

Hopefully you have arrived here because of your connection to the people buried here and your desire to learn of its vast heritage.  I also desire that you contribute to the contents of this website because I believe that we all have a part in its heritage and that we all have a distinct viewpoint that goes towards a richer understanding of our heritage.  This site is under construction and will continue to evolve, sometimes daily, as time permits to add more content.  Please feel free to give me feedback so that I can make this a site for all of us.   -  Roger Gant, caretaker, Shady Grove Cemetery

First of all, let me apologize for dragging you through the front door of my Eaglecarver website to get here. I am very new to building websites, so everything is on an evolutionary path and hopefully will produce the desired end effects.  Although I would prefer to have a separate website for Shady Grove, I'm not able to personally do that at this time, so I guess since Eaglecarver currently provides 100% sponsorship of the Shady Grove Cemetery website, it is probably appropriate that it receives some exposure along the way.

New entrance sign placed in 2007

New entrance sign placed in 2007

My desire is to develop this as a place you can find connections to Shady Grove and maybe learn things about it's history that you might not otherwise be able to find.  I intend to eventually have portions of genealogy and connections of families buried here.   There are other sites that you can find information, some of which I have also been a contributor to, such as the Find-A-Grave site. Simply click on the Find-A-Grave name and a link will take you there.  Just be sure to come back here when you are finished and enjoy the rest of what we have for you. :)  At Find-A-Grave, you will find one of the most complete listings of burials at Shady Grove short of my book, as well as headstone pictures and other information.  In connection with the Find-A-Grave site, I want to publicly thank Bob McWilliams for his diligent work on adding all of the missing memorials to the Shady Grove Cemetery Find-A-Grave site.  He had started with the Hardin County Historical Society's 1980 Cemetery Census (contents of which can be found a the TNGenWeb site)  thinking that it had been recently revised, and when he took the listing of memorials from 120+ to 650+ it was a major and commendable effort.  However, when I told him that instead of 650+ burials, there was more like 950 burials, he didn't stop but rather took the information that I sent him and continued to build memorials faster than I could put up the headstone pictures.  Work like this is one of the many tiring and thankless tasks that makes information available to all of us. This collaborative effort that the two of us worked on turned out to be the most complete listing available on the internet for Shady Grove Cemetery.  He also provided me with many additional death certificates of people buried after the death certificates came into being around 1913/1914.  This greatly enhanced my collection of death certificates.  He amazed me with his ability to find death records and death certificates that I had looked for, sometimes for several years. 

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