Eaglecarver is a small one man woodshop business located in Saltillo Tennessee near the Tennessee River.  Originally beginning with what was then termed "Homemade Headstones" and later called "Economical Headstones", the product line has evolved to include plaques, desk nameplates, a line of stackable bead boards for bead weavers, a host of custom products and is continuously growing.  I like to believe that "if you can think it I can carve it".  I have had this idea put to the test a few times and have always been successful to far.  A noteworthy thing to mention is that many of the product lines that are produced at Eaglecarver are designed around and made from scrap materials that would have otherwise wound up in a landfill.  This cost savings helps to compensate for the time consuming design work and cost of running a CNC milling router to produce the highest quality of products at an affordable price.

3d Eagle's head carved in cedar