Contact Shady Grove Cemetery Association

If you would like to get on the Shady Grove Cemetery Association Newsletter mailing list this is a good place to do that.  Also if you have any questions, suggestions, complaints this is a good place to register those also.  Please be sure to provide a way that we can contact you to best answer your questions.  Should you be interested in making a donation for the upkeep of the cemetery, go to the About Shady Grove Cemetery Association page.  You can send donations to any of the Directors if you have a preference or if you have no preference, sending it to Mike Parker, the treasurer, will work just fine.  If you have any reservations at all about sending it to an individual member of the board of directors, we have an arrangement that you can send it directly to the bank.  Make all checks payable to: Shady Grove Cemetery Association.  Thank you for your interest and support.

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