Curtis Gant

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Shady Grove Cemetery Association 1984-2011

Curtis W. Gant photograph taken June 4, 2010 while working at Shady Grove

Curtis Gant was a well known icon at Shady Grove.   He grew up in Saltillo and enlisted in the Navy just before World War II.  After returning and marrying Lois Kennedy and living in Nashville for a short time, they moved to California where they lived almost 30 years.  He transferred with E. I. DuPont company to the new plant near Gulfport Mississippi where he retired 2 years later and returned to Tennessee to live.  After returning to Tennessee he was among the earliest individuals who were interested in establishing a group to be responsible for the care and upkeep of Shady Grove Cemetery.   Around 1984 or 5 a group came together and created Shady Grove Cemetery Association.  Curtis served as the chairman of the board of directors of that Association until his death in June of 2011.  Two of the original directors (Mike Parker and Randy Carter) still serve on the board of directors of the Association today, along with 4 other members.

Curtis Gant ~ Family Headstone

Curtis, along with the other directors have been a driving force over the past 20 years to keep the Association financially stable as well as continually striving to improve the overall condition of the cemetery.  The picture in the upper right corner of the page is Curtis talking about property lines and various burials at Shady Grove.  Anyone that knew Curtis knew that he love to talk, but even more, he loved to talk about the history of Shady Grove and always wanted to pass along what he knew of its history as well as always trying to learn more.  Taking care of and providing for the future care of Shady Grove was much more than a responsibility to Curtis.... it was a passion, and most all that knew him realized this.  Twenty or fifty years from now people will scarcely know him as any more than just another headstone that is out there, but the impression and  work that he left behind will be seen and felt for many decades, as the Association and Trust Fund that he helped to build lives on. 

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