Shady Grove Cemetery Association

About 1984 a group of concerned descendants gathered together at the Church building to discuss the future care of the cemetery.  Josephine Sanford who had been taking up donations and hiring people to mow for years was no longer able to handle that task.  It was thought by most individuals that there was a need for a formal organization to handle the task of collecting donations and seeing that the cemetery was taken care of.  As a result of these meetings the Shady Grove Cemetery Association came into being.  The purpose of the organization was to collect and maintain donations for the purpose of hiring the cleaning and mowing of the cemetery.  Not long after the Association began, the idea was suggested that if all the families who had people buried at Shady Grove could manage to donate $500 per family, they would put this money in a trust fund and as the amount approached $25,000 there would be enough interest generated to take care of the cost of upkeep without the constant need for donations.  As with many good plans, sometimes things change.  The goal for the desired amount of the trust fund was being approached and the interest rates were declining to the point that the target amount would no longer produce the income that was needed.  Since that time the trust fund had risen to over $40,000 and the interest that is produced is minimal and donations are still a vital part of the upkeep.  As things begin to look more grim financially we have to admit that the supporters of the Association continue to "step up to the plate" and provide as the need continues.  With their continued efforts increasing we also have increased our efforts to insure a full accounting of all funds and expenses and make an strong effort to get this information to all supporters by way of the annual Shady Grove Cemetery Newsletter (a 4 page publication) that we have been mailing, for the past 7 years, to any and all parties that have an interest in the Cemetery or the Association.  This has paid off in that as one generation fades away the newer generations DO step up and continue the traditions of participating in Decoration Day and supporting the Associations work of assuring upkeep of the cemetery.  Below are a list of the members who are on the Board of Directors of the Shady Grove Cemetery Association.  All of the Directors are on the board to serve the best interest of the care and upkeep of the cemetery.  All of us have a vested interest in the cemetery in that we all have multiple generations of family buried here.  Your input, questions and desires are seriously consider as we try to make the best and most economical use of your donations.

 Shady Grove Cemetery Association, Board of Directors (alphabetical order)

Randy Carter       5230 Saltillo Rd           Saltillo, TN 38370       731-687-3005 (Chairman)

Jimmy Delaney     6215 Saltillo Rd          Saltillo, TN  38370      731-687-3440

Roger Gant          46805 Hwy 69             Saltillo, TN  38370      731-607-8999 (Current Caretaker)

Mike Parker         4375 Saltillo Rd           Saltillo, TN  38370      731-687-3354 (Secretary, Treasurer)

Kathy Smith        215 Ashley Rd              Saltillo, TN  38370      731-687-3625

Gary Willis          895 Handy Corner Rd  Saltillo, TN  38370      731-687-2020

The Peoples Bank  34910 Hwy 104 S      Sardis, TN  38370 (Donations can be mailed to the bank or to any of the Directors listed above, as well as given at the information tent  on Saturday (day before) or Sunday, Decoration day, 1st Sunday in May)  Plan to come be with us on Decoration Day if you are able to.